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Oxford Street Local  inspires and enables people to make the most of Sydney's inner city its one of Sydney’s most famous shopping strips, running through the vibrant inner Sydney suburbs of Darlinghurst and Paddington. Oxford Street village, which surrounds the main street, is as diverse as the main street itself containing world famous retailers, heritage terrace houses, cultural institutions and sprawling parklands.

Oxford Street Sydney's famous shopping strip remains a top destination for restaurants, dining and boutique retailing while entertainment venues in Moore Park and wide open spaces in Centennial Park draw large crowds from across Sydney and beyond.

Oxford Street Local has a strong cultural and creative scene and residents are proud of the area’s longstanding status as the heart of gay and lesbian culture in Sydney.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian MArdi Gras 2019

The area is also home to significant institutions including St Vincent’s Hospital, Australian Museum, National Art School and Victoria Barracks.

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What do residents like about Oxford Street Local?

“Oxford Street’s acknowledgment of diversity. A cultural and culinary highlight of the city of Sydney.”

“The laneways themselves are the hidden treasures.”

“Cosmopolitan location, vibrant LGBTQI culture and night life.”

The population of Oxford Street Local village tends to be highly educated white-collar professionals with high incomes. A large proportion of the population live as singles or couples with no children.

Population (2014)*18,998
Median Household Income (2011)**$96,986 (28.5% above Metro median)
Singles + Couples (No Kids) (2011)**75% (Metro average=47%)

*Estimate based on projections by id Forecast    **Census estimates

Business presence in the area is dominated by the large number of retail and dining establishments on Oxford Street and throughout Darlinghurst, with creative industries also having a significant presence.

While the restaurant and bar scene in the village is thriving, the retail scene is currently evolving as shopping patterns on Oxford Street change.

Employing Businesses
Employing Businesses (2012)1,345
Top 3 Industries by Number of Employing BusinessesFood & Drink (20.1%) Retail & Personal Services (16.3%) Creative Industries (14.9%)
Proportion of Employing Businesses with less than 20 Employees

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